Ticked off by too-hard toast? Burned by boring, IKEA-style dials? Then it's time for a change, and the Toast Clock is first when it comes to seconds.

The makers of the Toast Clock have a butter, er, better idea when it comes to breakfast nook d├ęcor.

The Toast Clock by Oh-Real Inc is yet another example of Japanese design taking what's practical and adding a dash of whimsical.

Made in Japan from PVC plastic with a standard single-AA battery-powered mechanism on the back, the design draws on the amazingly detailed plastic food samples often found in the windows of Japanese restaurants.

The clock looks so good you'll get hungry just checking the time... not a bad thing if you're waltzing into kitchen, bleary-eyed at the crack of dawn.

Oh-Real offers three different Toast Clocks, two of which are small and are meant to ape Sliced Toast and Thick Cut Toast. Both retail for 3,150 yen (around $40) each, are approximately 118-123mm (about 4 inches) wide, and include a clear lucite stand.

Then there's the larger “Mega Toast” Clock that costs 5,800 yen (around $75) and is 210mm (just over 8 inches) wide. Don't you wish they made actual toast this big? Butter, jam and Marmite optional.



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