Flower Vending Machine

Photo by Doug Mann
Though I've never encountered one of these, the flower machine seems to be a good idea, especially in Japan. Most businessmen are expected to work late, and then socialize with co-workers at a nearby bar; so the 24-hour availability of flowers seems to be promoted as a way for these men to "make it up" to their spouses. I wonder how well it works.

Egg Vending Machine

(image credit: Sally Kernick)
You can buy eggs in a vending machine? Don’t they break when they fall off the shelf? This particular machine seems to have a separate door for every product shelf. However, some vending machines (not necessarily egg-dispensing ones) will move the entire shelf down, until it's on one level with the dispensing window. Then your product will be carefully deposited onto takeout tray, safe and sound.



  1. Its more kind of Vending Machine...

  2. Gimana cara nyirami bunganya Pak...pa Gak layu..?

  3. Yo opo Cak Kabare..?Juragan Vending Machine Ta..?

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